Thank you everyone!

Wow! What a day – the first Roseland Sport 4 All event has now been and gone (yep, if you weren’t there – it’s too late!).

A huge thank you from all the organising committee to all the clubs who supported our untried, untested idea! The atmosphere was fantastic, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. We haven’t been through all the feedback forms yet – but it seems like all the clubs got at least a handful of sign ups, which is great news.

We’ve got lots of ideas for making it even better in 2014 – so please watch this space, and if you have any ideas / suggestions please do fill in our contact form (that way it will definitely get to the right person(s)).

For anyone who didn’t make it and who might be interested in 2014 – please fill in one of our forms, or sign up to our email updates on the right hand side. As well working out what we should do in 2014 (trust me the ideas are flowing!), we’re also trying to work out what we should be doing with the website – so please watch this space!




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